AAT - Technology convinces

Technology convinces

AAT Alber Antriebstechnik GmbH is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of high-end pushing and braking aids, add-on devices and stairclimbing systems for the medical and industrial market.

With our company saying: "This is who we are. This is what you can expect from us." AAT gives a self-confident and unique promise to all business partners and simultaneously sets a high standard on themselves.

In order to meet our major mission "To improve quality of life" ethical, morally and social values play an important role in our daily work. Our philosophy and all our processes are characterized by this.

We focus on people

The idea of „helping people“ is always a center point during the developement of new products. Thus new fields open up in which noval and creative ideas are realized, implemented with the latest knowledge from science and research.

AAT spares no time and costs when it comes to helping people and gladly takes on the necessary challenges.

All AAT products are customer-oriented solutions with high benefits that are convincing through their quality and innovative technology. The brand AAT stands for customer satisfaction, flexibility, high quality, innovation and trust. All products by AAT are recognized aids that increase the quality of life through intelligent and user-friendly technology.

Who we are

"Our company goes beyond our products and our logo. It is a vow. A contract." —

Mauritz Sahlin, CEO MS Group

Mobility and life quality

The stair climbers in the field of rehabilitation make it possible to simply conquer the problem of overcoming stairs. The stair climbers c-max and s-max sella are equipped with an integrated seat unit. To overcome stairs in your own wheelchair, our stair climber s-max is your ideal partner.

The add-on device MAX-E expands the range of action and opens up independent mobility with the latest technology - at home but also en route. max-e is operated by a control unit where all driving and control properties of the products can be programmed individual.

Easy operation and high versatility makes the add-on device SOLO an excellent partner for you - every day. High-capacity motors, discreetly blending into wheels, support to drive by yourself. The SOLO is also operated by a control unit.

The lightweight add-on drive SERVO makes it possible for wheelchair users - even with reduced strength - to move independently. Powerful motors, discreetly integrated into the wheels, support the wheelchair user’s initial movement.

The pushing and braking aid V-MAX² make it easier to drive on difficult routes and slopes. Going down-hill, it brake automatically which makes your descent safer.

Stair climbing systems offering special solutions for the fields of ambulances and emergency vehicles represents AAT’s wide range of mobile stair climbing aids.

The AAT product portfolio is completed by customized stairlifts, which enabel more mobility in familiar environment.

No longer anxiety ahead of heavy transports

The stair climbers in the field of transportation make it possible to transport heavy loads easily over stairs and thus free the staff from carrying heavy loads.

People make the difference

In order for us to succeed we need to show world class leadership and teamwork.We have a corporate culture based on values. Through participation and dialogue we aspire to high performance.

We need to be committed to our common direction, to each other and show that our values play a key role in our daily work. We are engaged in developing our organization and we always do our best.

Leadership & teamwork

We work as one team and share knowledge.
We put our effort and focus on what is possible to influence.
We always take responsibility for the next step in a process.
We show joy and contribute to a positive climate.
We seek win-win solutions.
We alway act with a ”Go and get”-attitude.

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Who we are and what makes us different?