c-max U2

To relieve your personnel

The c-max U2 is a stair climber with a foldable, integrated seat. It can be folded in next to no time and is easily stored thanks to its compact dimensions. The maximum weight of the person is 195 kg.

Approved by the motor and vehicle department
of Rhineland
according to DIN EN 1789:2007 (crash test)


Your compact assistant in all situations

c-max U2 is your ideal assistant in everyday life and provides a great deal of help for your personnel while increasing their mobility. With the c-max U2 it is an easy task to transport patients, who are unable to walk, comfortably and safely up and down stairs. c-max U2 is an all-purpose device which can be folded quickly and easily.

The ideal attendant —

for daily use

The climbing speed of the c-max U2 is continuously adjustable. Safety brakes stop automatically at the edge of the stairs. Thereby you could correct on the stairs on any time. The control unit and the grips are designed considering the latest ergonomic findings. Further features such as the multi-level display to indicate the batteries’ capacity complete the c-max U2's standard equipment.

Intelligent accessories

A special charging jack on the stair climber in connection with specifically provided charging components make it possible to charge the device in the vehicle while driving to an emergency call.

Technology that you can trust —

safe and mobile with the c-max U2

  • Max. weight of the person 160 kg
  • Climbing speed 9 - 23 Steps per minute
  • Range with one charge of the batteries approx. 25 levels
  • Foldable, thus space saving
  • ComfortStep - for a comfortable driving experience
  • To be used on nearly all kinds of stairs
  • Integrable into all common ambulance vehicles
  • No damage to the edges of stairs
  • Automatic braking function when descending
  • Continuously adjustable climbing speed
  • Single-step-mode
  • "Engineered in Germany"




ComfortStep —

The combination of pleasant driving characteristics
and a comfortable climbing experience


The ComfortStep is also used in every c-max U2 stair climber. It convinces by quietly and softly touching the step which makes the movement more pleasant. The result is that the climbing process is more comfortable for the patient due to low vibrations. ComfortStep is a standard component of each c-max U2 stair climber. It works in the single step mode as well as in the regular climbing mode. The adaptation to a variety of step heights is a further function provided by ComfortStep. This makes an easy and individual adaptation to your particular stairs possible.

Advantages that convince

  • Pleasant and comfortable climbing process
  • Individually adjustable to various steps’ heights
  • Available for the single step mode as well as the regular climbing mode




c-max U2:

Part-No. 300651

Intelligent accessories

for your c-max U2

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