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We are expanding our production area by 800 m2.

AAT – Ideen bewegen mehr

The company AAT Alber Antriebstechnik GmbH is a manufacturer of mobile, versatile and convenient stair climbing systems and add-on engines in the field of rehabilitation and transportation technology.
All products by AAT are conceived as client-oriented, highly convenient solutions that convince through top quality and state of the art, innovative technology. Thus, AAT as a brand stands for customer satisfaction, flexibility, high quality, innovation and reliability.

With the slogan “Ideen bewegen mehr” (ideas move you) AAT confidently communicates a promise to the world at large and simultaneously it sets high standards for itself.

Years of experience in the field of rehabilitation and transportation technology gives distinction to the great reliability of the products. Highly motivated employees, with their dedication and their creative ideas, make an essential and profound contribution to the products’ quality.

Germany as a location for business is an essential aspect of AAT’s philosophy. In order to react quickly and appropriately to clients’ wishes, AAT attaches great importance to the fact that the majority of their contractors produce in Germany, for the most part even in its immediate vicinity.

The main idea when developing new products is to help people. Thus new fields open up in which original and creative ideas are realized, implemented with the latest knowledge in science and research.

AAT’s products are continuously subject to improvement to do justice to accelerated change in today’s society. Attributes such as safety, versatility, comfort and convenience characterize its products.

In the field of rehabilitation, the stair climbers make it possible to simply conquer the problem of overcoming stairs. This makes a person independent, be it in a private or a professional environment.

In the field of transportation technology, the stair climber makes it possible to transport heavy loads up and down stairs without any problems relieving personnel and staff from carrying said heavy loads.

The add-on engines with their modern technology increase the radius of action and enable a person to be independent and mobile in his or her daily life at home or en route.

Stair climbing systems offering special solutions for airports, ambulances, emergency vehicles as well as the hotel and restaurant business represent AAT’s wide range of mobile stair climbing aids.

Finally, the product portfolio by AAT is completed by customized stair lifts enabling a person to be more mobile in a familiar environment.

The History of AAT

The origin of the enterprise AAT Alber Antriebstechnik GmbH lies in the Swabian company Haas & Alber Haustechnik und Apparatebau GmbH (house automation and apparatus engineering). The experience the owner at the time, Ulrich Alber, gathered in the field of kitchen and bath appliances as well as the electrical sector leads to the initial idea of developing an electrically powered hand truck.

With the help of this invention the employees were meant to become more efficient as well as be relieved from the transportation of heavy loads. As early as the year 1982 the patent for a “hand truck with stair climbing system” was granted. The first product, the CargoMaster – conceived by practical experience for practical application, was created.

Presenting the new product at fairs and other exhibitions, the company’s representatives were frequently asked whether such a stair climbing system existed for wheelchairs. Already in 1986, a special device-the scalamobil- was developed making the transportation of wheelchairs upstairs and downstairs possible. In the following year the creative heads at the company Haas & Alber Haustechnik und Apparatebau GmbH had the idea for an electric power system for a manual wheelchair making movement without physical power possible. This idea resulted in the e-fix.

In the year 1995 the enterprise, excluding the field of transportation technology, was sold to the group Triumph Adler AG. At the same time the company AAT Alber Antriebstechnik was founded. Besides the marketing and advancement of the product, CargoMaster, the company’s development department conceived and created devices for other companies such as the braking and pushing aid, viamobil, as well as the wheel hub drive e-motion.

At this point the company AAT Alber Antriebstechnik GmbH presented itself on the market with entirely newly designed climbing systems. As a consequence, the pushing and braking aid, v-max, and the add-on engine, max-e, were successfully introduced to the market. The product range has been continuously extended with novel power systems and particular solutions for specific industries.

The motto “to help people” is at the center of the company’s philosophy leading effectively to the continuous development of new ideas and products.

On 31th March 2017 our company was sold to REAC AB. 
REAC AB belongs to Investment AB Latour and is a swedish long-established company, which operates successful as a supplier on the rehabilitation market for many years.
AAT remains an independet company inside the REAC AB.


Year developement
2001 stair climber c-max
2002 stair climber s-max
2003 pushing and braking aid v-max
2004 power kit max-e
2007 stair climber escalino
2008 pushing and braking aid movilino
2010 pushing and braking aid v-max+
2012 lightweight add-on drive SOLO
2012 power support SERVO
2012 power kit max 2
2013 powerful add-on drive SOLO+
2014 pushing and braking aid v-max 4
2017 pushing and braking aid CAMILINO
2018 lightweight add-on drive SOLO BLACK EDITION
2018 powerful add-on SOLO+ BLACK EDITION
2018 power support SERVO BLACK EDITION
2020 add-on drive MAX-E BLACK EDITION


year developement
1996 stair climber for heavy loads A142
1996 stair climber for heavy loads A310
1997 stair climber for heavy loads C141
2008 stair climber for heavy loads C171
2010 multifunctional transportation aid Vario-max
2010 stair climber for heavy loads C400
2013 stair climber for heavy loadsA350
2015 stair climber for heavy loads CC160
2015 stair climber for heavy loads CC200
2020 Stair climber C120

abulance transport

year developement
2007 reanimation animax
2009 reanimation animax mono

Special applications

year developement
hotel Industry, public institutions
2010 multifunctional transportation aid
2008 stair climber for professional application s-max aviation
2010 compact stair climber c-max aviation
2011 multi-functional stair climber s-max sella aviation
driving services
2004 universal application SDM6
2007 combined stair climber with several transportation chairs s-max
2011 universal application SDM7
2012 powerful stair climber c-max+
2013 s-max sella vario - combination s-max sella und SDM7
2017 CR23 - lifting and carrying stair climber