Sustainability project - We say goodbye to plastic bottles




We say goodbye to plastic bottles.

Already in 2019, we equipped our employees with waterdrop glass bottles as a Christmas present. With the help of fruit and plant extracts in water, we wanted to encourage our employees to not only drink more water, but also to avoid the use of glass bottles.


On the 23.11.20 we received our automatized water dispensers, which will now ensure that even the last PET-bottle at AAT disappears.

Whether cold or hot water, every employee is allowed to use the water dispensers without any restrictions by using his or her personalized glass bottle.


Our customers and partners will also benefit from our new-equipped showroom and meeting rooms where they will find a wide selection of waterdrops instead of sugary drinks.


Through this adjustment, we not only support the health of our employees and guests, but also achieve other benefits:

✔️ Less storage space than for bottled drinks
✔️ KWh reduction by saving refrigerators
✔️ Less plastic waste per person
✔️Reduction of beverage-related CO2 emissions