Drinking water Project Solvatten Update May 2021



Time for positive news

Since several years our company group has been supporting the Solvatten project. Since 2019 mainly children and families in Uganda. To ensure that we are always informed about the work that is being carried out there and the benefits of our support, we receive regular project updates, through which we can follow the ongoing developments and progress eagerly. We are proud that since the beginning of the cooperation great successes have been achieved and thus many people have been helped.


This has been achieved:

  • 1.014 distributed Solvatten (solar-powered water distillers)
  • Clean water for 5.700 people
  • 43.000 m³ treated and heated water 


Together we will create a better and more sustainable future

It is important to us that also our employees are able to see in what project they are involved through their daily work. Only through their help we can support a part of the world for which clean water is anything but a matter of course. Therefore, we would like to take this opportunity to thank our entire workforce.  


Read the full project report "Solvatten to Uganga May 2021" here.



Due to the current situation, we would like to share a few lines directed at us, which once again underline how important it is to support people who have to live with contaminated water. Clean water is a fundamental human need and we see it as our responsibility to help and support the realization of sustainable water resources.



Safe and hot water for health and hygiene

„The global spread of Covid19 has further showed us the importance of washing our hands and face and keeping surfaces clean, to prevent the virus from spreading. Since many Ugandans already suffer from underlying diseases, such as bronchial disorders, a significant part of the population is at high risk of severe illness if getting infected. This causes a great need for health and hygiene support.

Having a Solvatten at home gives easy access to safe and hot water to improve families’ health conditions, well-being and economic situation. By using the power of the sun, it heats and treats water from microbiological contaminants that makes people fall sick. Thanks to your contribution to the project, 1014 families will now be able to care for their health and hygiene, which improves their living conditions and makes them more resilient.“






Water is the origin of all life and thus the most important resource in the world. Nevertheless, approximately 2.1 billion people worldwide do not have access to clean water - 4.3 billion do not have adequate sanitation. On www.solvatten.org EVERYBODY (no matter if company or private person) has the possibility to provide families with access to clean water and better hygiene.