Things Change - New Managing Director at AAT

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Dear Business Partners,


I will step back from my Managing Director´s position and leave AAT as of November 24th for personal and private reasons. I would like to thank you and the entire AAT team for an exciting, successful and rewarding 4 year journey!

Closely partnered end of 2017 with our new Swedish owner LATOUR AB and our holding MS-Group, we have been able strongly improve and develop our internal structures and processes. Production, purchase and inventory management have become much more professionalized. We are able today to anticipate and react faster to market volatility.

You can currently benefit from our good delivery performance and availability of products despite of today´s disruptions in global supply chains.




Since 2018 we have launched 5 new or significantly improved products as well as 1 comprehensive new product family:

  • Our V-MAX² top selling pushing aid comes with a completely new design and outstanding performance.
    All major proposales from you and your customers have been integrated into this new state-of-the-art product.

  • SOLO/SERVO hubwheel drive units have transformed into a face lifted Black Edition with improved electronic package.

  • MAX-E, our most versatile and mobile joystick drive unit adopted the new Black Edition style including a modern, aesthetically pleasing case design.

  • Our 2021 CARGOMASTER C120, the fasted and lowest weight industrial stairclimber in our range for material handling has set the new industry standard.

  • Last but not lease AAT has been exclusively distributing BATEC market leading handbikes in Germany starting June this year.
    BATEC Mobility became a fully owned company of our Group January 2020.

And please stay tuned – there is more to come!




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Unfortunately, the Covid pandemic has put a lot of stress on most businesses. However, the crisis inspired us to further improve.

We took the opportunity to boost our service performance by consolidating and integrating internal sales, service and repair departments.

This change resulted in shorter and more efficient response time to the market.

Focus on digitalization as been increased thoughout the company.


We are today present on all relevant social media channels and have launched our for dealers only OOS Online Ordering System for spare parts and selected products.




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The new MDR (Medical Device Regulations) have been in place well before due date earlier this year.

We are very happy and proud to present the best performing and agile AAT ever, offering a wide range of new products and services.

And most important, you can rely on the support of a highly competent and dedicated AAT team as well as on our long term Swedish owner Latour AB.


We thank you very much for your loyal and engaged collaboration the last 4 years. Let´s make 2022 a great business year for all of us!

Mauritz Sahlin, CEO of our holding MS-Group will become AAT managing director as of November 24th.


Yours sincerely,


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 Martin Kober