Our products

in the field of rehabilitation


The power support for your wheelchair

  • Battery range up to 55 km
  • Total weight approved 200 kg
  • Braking-/climbing capacity up to 20%


The lightweight and powerful add-on drive for your wheelchair

  • Battery range up to 35 km
  • Total weight approved 210 kg
  • Braking-/climbing capacity up to 20%


The powerful add-on drive

  • Battery range up to 15 km
  • Total weight approved 250 kg
  • Braking-/climbing capacity up to 20%



The electrical accessory power for your wheelchair

  • Mounting with only one hand possible
  • Weight-neutral drive wheels (< 200 g)
  • Perfectly balanced through optional weight distribution


The powerful pushing and braking aid

  • A range of up to 22 km
  • Maximum total weight 300 kg (person, wheelchair, v-max+)
  • Slopes up to 12 %

 d818257 sw


The best pushing and braking aid for your wheelchair

  • Battery Range up to 26 km
  • Suitable for an approved, maximum weight of 210 kg
  • Compared to other pushing and braking aids, the V-MAX2 can be used on split ramps or ramp rails


The stair climber for your wheelchair

  • ComfortStep - for a comfortable driving experience
  • Automatic braking function when descending
  • High versatility, even on narrow stairs

s-max sella

The versatile stair climber

  • This stair climber is applicable on virtually alltypes of stairs
  • For transportation you can fold up or disassemble the s-max sella easily
  • Integrated seat


The universal stair climber

  • Climbers instead of climbing wheels for secure and solid footing
  • Low weight and easy disassembly
  • To be used as a pushing wheelchair as well, stable construction