Selection guide for pushing and breaking aids

The following comparison will help you to select the right product for you.


  v-max+ V-MAX²  
Maximum load   300 kg  210 kg    
Range with one charge of the battery   up to 12 km  up to 26 km    
Maximum possible incline   12 %  20%    
Features The pushing- and braking aids with their modern technology increase the radius of action and enable a person to be independent and mobile in his or her daily life at home or en route.

The range depends on the person’s weight, the underground, the territory, the temperature, etc.


The powerful pushing and braking aid

  • Efficient, direct drive
  • Suitable for an approved, maximum weight of 300 kg
  • Slopes and split ramps are no problem

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The best pushing and braking aid for your wheelchair

  • Battery Range up to 26 km
  • Suitable for an approved, maximum weight of 210 kg
  • Compared to other pushing and braking aids, the V-MAX2 can be used effortlessly on split ramps or ramp rails.