Selection guide for our children's mobility aids

Little solutions with a big impact

The following comparision will help you with selecting the right product for you


 SERVO L   s-max
Product Add-on kit       Stair climber
Total weight approved 200 kg       155 kg
Range with one charge of the batteries up to 55 km       up to 15 km
Attachment possible from seat width 24 cm       24 cm
Range and climbing capacity depend on the weight of the person to be transported, the surface, the terrain, etc.


The power support for your wheelchair

  • Attachment possible starting from seat width 24 cm
  • Battery range up to 55 km
  • Lightweight lithium-ion battery pack


The stair climber for wheelchairs

  • Attachment possible from a seat width of 24 cm
  • “ComfortStep” for a comfortable driving experience
  • High manoeuvrability even on very narrow stairs