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Das Bild zeigt eine junge Frau und ihrem männlichen Kollegen in Rettungsdienstkleidung, wie sie mithilfe des Treppensteigers CR23 einen Mann mittleren Alters in einen Krankentransportwagen fahren. Die junge Frau hält dabei die Hand des Patienten, während ihr Kollege den Treppensteiger bedient.


When strain turns into relief
The picture shows a middle-aged man, wearing sunglasses, driving through a pedestrian zone on a summer day in his wheelchair with an auxiliary drive for self-propelled driving. The add-on drive is black and installed in the wheels as a wheel hub drive.


When strain turns into relief



Lifting and carrying people up and down stairs on a daily basis is sometimes the greatest physical challenge for rescue and ambulance personnel. It is not uncommon for this heavy work to lead to acute or permanent back disorders. The tendency towards higher body weights and steadily increasing numbers of missions requires solutions for a sustainable physical relief for the rescue service personnel. In response to this, AAT has developed the mobile stair climber CR23.



Das Bild zeigt den freigestellten Treppensteiger CR23 auf weißem Hintergrund. Zu sehen sind alle Komponenten der Treppensteighilfe. Die Antriebs- sowie Griff- und Sitzeinheit, Hosenträger und Beckengurt sowie der ausgefahrene Unterstützungsgriff.

Safe storage in the vehicle

Crash tested according to DIN EN 1789:2007+A2:2014 (TÜV Rheinland) in folded and unfolded condition.

Automatic braking function

The automatic braking function when descending is part of our safety concept.

Usable on spiral staircases

The CR23 offers high maneuverability even on spiral or narrow staircases.

Auf dem Bild ist das Bediengerät des Treppensteigers zu sehen. Die Person, die den Treppensteiger bedient, drückt mit dem Daumen den Auf- und Ab-Schalter in Richtung abwärts. Außerdem ist der Geschwindigkeitsregler, der Ein-/Aus-Schalter und der Sicherheitschip zu sehen.

Unique ergonomics

Our control unit has been specially designed to provide you with maximum comfort during the climbing process - whether climbing up or down the stairs. With ease, you can use the control unit to activate or deactivate the stair climber, adjust the speed continuously or decide whether you want to go up or down the stairs.

The control handle also features a safety chip which ensures that the stair climber is only used by authorized persons. Therefore, you can always be sure that your stair climber remains in safe hands, even if you temporarily leave it in the hallway of an apartment building, at the doctor's office or in another public location.

In service for your safety

The extendable support handle offers the possibility of guiding the CR23 when climbing down the stairs. In addition, the second person, who only acts as a safeguard, provides the patient with a comfortable and safe feeling.

The stair climber has an integrated LED light on the lower part of the drive unit. This function provides optimum illumination of the steps even in poor lighting conditions. This is particularly important in bigger staircases with an automatic light control system.

One of the most outstanding features of our safety concept is the automatic braking function when descending. This innovative technology prevents the stair climber from being pushed too far over the edge of the stairs. The brakes activate on every step, ensuring optimum safety every time the stair climber is used.

Das Bild zeigt zwei männliche Mitarbeiter eines Rettungsdienstes, die einen sehr adipösen Mann mit über 200 kg Personengewicht mithilfe des Treppensteiger CR23 die Treppe hinauf oder hinab befördern. Ein Mitarbeiter bedient dabei den Treppensteiger und der andere Mitarbeiter führt über den Unterstützungsgriff mit.
Das Bild zeigt erneut die junge Frau und ihren Kollegen in Rettungsdienstkleidung, wie sie einen Mann mittleren Alters mithilfe des Treppensteiger CR23 über Außentreppen in Richtung des KTW transportieren. Der männliche Mitarbeiter bedient den Treppensteiger, während die weibliche Mitarbeiterin den Treppensteiger vorne führt und Kontakt zum Patienten hält. Im Hintergrund ist der bereits geöffnete Krankentransportwagen zu sehen.

Intelligent equipment

The CR23 is powered by a rechargeable battery pack, which can be loaded via the included charger. Depending on the person weight, the battery charge is sufficient for up to approx. 20 floors. In order for you to be more flexible, we offer you the possibility to charge the battery pack directly in the vehicle. A voltage converter is available as an accessory for both cars (12 V) and trucks (24 V).

In addition, the stair climber CR23 is equipped serially with a MAG code charging socket. This separate charging socket on the left side of the housing enables direct charging of the stair climber CR23 incl. inserted battery pack in the vehicle. This requires a special charger with a special MAG code plug.

The stair climber CR23 is equipped with our revolutionary Comfort Step. For you as a user, this results in an extremely comfortable and low-vibration climbing process. It works in single step mode as well as in the permanent climbing mode.

Innovative mounting systems

The CR23 is a stair climber with a foldable, integrated seat. It can be folded in just a few steps and is easy to stow thanks to its compact dimensions.

Specially developed mounting systems provide the basis for loading the CR23 securely in the vehicle. These mounting systems in combination with the CR23 are crash tested according to DIN EN 1789:2007+A2:2014 .

A mounting system with special AAT floor rail is required for loading in the unfolded condition. It is locked in a "heavy-duty" allsafe airline rail. We will be happy to inform you about other mounting systems such as our floor mounting.

Das Bild zeigt einen Krankentransportwagen im Vorbeifahren. Aufgrund der Geschwindigkeit verschwimmt das Bild. Im Vordergrund befindet sich ein Logo, das besagt, dass der CR23 Crash getestet nach DIN EN 1789:2007-A2:2014 ist und somit auch über ein Halterungssystem im Fahrzeug mitgeführt werden darf.
Das Bild zeigt den freigestellten Treppensteiger CR23 auf weißem Hintergrund. Zu sehen sind alle Komponenten der Treppensteighilfe. Die Antriebs- sowie Griff- und Sitzeinheit, Hosenträger und Beckengurt sowie der ausgefahrene Unterstützungsgriff.



The right features and reliable functionality are essential factors when searching for the right medical aid. Discover the difference and be inspired by our CR23. For more product information, please use the download links below.
230 kg

permissible person weight

21 steps

climbing speed / minute

375 steps

maximum / battery charge

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