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For a pleasant passenger journey
Das Bild zeigt zwei männliche Mitarbeiter eines Krankenfahrdienstes, die einen älteren Mann in einem Tragestuhl mit angebrachtem Treppensteiger eine Treppe hinaufbefördern. Im Hintergrund steht das Krankenfahrdienstfahrzeug.

s-max aviation

For a pleasant passenger journey



Boarding and leaving the aircraft can be a challenge for people with reduced mobility, especially when flying with many smaller aircraft types. With our mobile stair climber s-max aviation, we offer a perfectly tailored solution for airports. The s-max aviation has been specially developed to meet such requirements and enable a smooth boarding experience for people with a mobility impairment.

Our main focus is to offer passengers a safe and, above all, pleasant journey. But at the same time, we reduce the workload of the ground staff by offering a versatile application of the s-max aviation. Compared to traditional methods, there is no need to transfer the passenger into another transportation chair after overcoming the stairs. Thanks to its narrow width of just 38 cm, the s-max aviation enables a smooth transport all the way to the passenger's seat, which speeds up the entire boarding process.

Whether you are flying with an Avro RJ, ATR, CRJ, Dash8, Do 328, Embraer or Fokker 50/70/100 - our s-max aviation is the optimal solution for accessible PRM boarding.



Turning on the spot is possible

Thanks to its compact design, the s-max aviation is very agile which enables it to turn on the spot.

Including portable auxiliary step

The scope of delivery includes a lightweight auxiliary step that can be used as an extension for the aircraft steps.

Automatic braking function

The automatic braking function when descending is part of our safety concept.

Auf dem Bild ist das Bediengerät des Treppensteigers zu sehen. Die Person, die den Treppensteiger bedient, drückt mit dem Daumen den Auf- und Ab-Schalter in Richtung abwärts. Außerdem ist der Geschwindigkeitsregler, der Ein-/Aus-Schalter und der Sicherheitschip zu sehen.

Unique ergonomics

Our control unit has been specially designed to provide you with maximum comfort during the climbing process - whether climbing up or down the stairs. With ease, you can use the control unit to activate or deactivate the stair climber, adjust the speed continuously or decide whether you want to go up or down the stairs.

The control handle also features a safety chip which ensures that the stair climber is only used by authorized persons. Therefore, you can always be sure that your stair climber remains in safe hands, even if you temporarily leave it in the public area of the airport.

In service of your safety

The stair climber has an integrated LED light on the lower part of the drive unit. This function provides optimum illumination of the steps even in poor lighting conditions. This is particularly important in bigger staircases with an automatic light control system.

One of the most outstanding features of our safety concept is the automatic braking function when descending. This innovative technology prevents the stair climber from being pushed too far over the edge of the stairs. The brakes activate on every step, ensuring optimum safety every time the stair climber is used.

*illustration similar
Das Bild zeigt den Steigvorgang der Treppenhilfe s-max. Der Steigfuß ist ausgefahren und setzt bereits auf der unteren Treppenstufe auf. Die Sicherheitsbremsen, welche am großen Laufrad befestigt sind, setzen am Stufenrand auf und schützen so vor einem abwärtsrollen. Die LED-Leuchte erhellt die Treppenstufen.
Das Bild zeigt eine Detailaufnahme der Antriebseinheit des Treppensteiger s-max sella. Man sieht den Drehgriff zur Griffmontage sowie die Folientastatur, auf welcher der ComfortStep sowie die Einzelstufenschaltung ein- und ausgeschaltet werden kann. Außerdem leuchtet die Akkuanzeige grün.

Climbing stairs newly defined

With the Comfort Step, the climbing dynamics of the s-max aviation has been revolutionized and offers you an unrivaled comfort experience.

For the passenger, this results in an extremely pleasant and low-vibration climbing process. The Comfort Step is a serial feature of every s-max aviation and works in single step mode as well as in the permanent climbing mode.

*illustration similar

Innovative application at airports

The s-max aviation is specially designed for the restricted areas in airplanes. Passengers can be transported safely and comfortably directly to their seats without putting any physical strain on the cabin crew.

The climbing height of the stair climber of more than 25 cm ensures an effortless transport over stairs of all common aircraft types. The s-max aviation can be used on all common commercial aircraft as well as on smaller regional jets (Avro RJ, ATR, CRJ, Dash 8, Dornier 328, Embraer, Fokker 50/70/100).

Das Bild zeigt zwei männliche Mitarbeiter eines Krankenfahrdienstes, die einen älteren Mann in einem Tragestuhl mit angebrachtem Treppensteiger eine Treppe hinaufbefördern.
Das Bild zeigt die freigestellte Antriebs- und Griffeinheit des Treppensteiger s-max sella auf weißem Hintergrund. Sichtbar ist die graue Antriebseinheit mit Laufrädern und Sicherheitsbremsen, sowie die Griffeinheit mit Bedienteil. Der Treppensteiger ist über eine Halterung an einem Tragestuhl – hier im Beispiel ein Utila ALS 300 – angebaut.



The right features and reliable functionality are essential factors when searching for the right medical aid. Discover the difference and be inspired by our s-max aviation. For more product information, please use the download links below.

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