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Acquisition of second-hand devices

You would like to purchase a second-hand AAT product and you have found one on online platforms such as Ebay? Then you should keep some important aspects in mind before buying to ensure that the product is suitable for you and you can use it safely.

Purchasing second-hand AAT products not only offers a low-cost alternative for people who rely on mobility aids, but is also a sustainable choice for the environment. By purchasing a second-hand product, you are helping to protect our resources and reduce our carbon footprint.

Nevertheless, there are some important aspects that should be considered to ensure that the purchased product meets your needs and can be used safely.

Please pay attention to the following aspects before purchasing:


First of all, you should ensure that the ownership of the product is clarified. Many AAT products are covered by health insurance companies and are only provided to the insured person on loan. These aids may not be sold and must be returned to the health insurers after usage. Therefore, before purchasing a product from private persons, please clarify the ownership of the product.


In order to be able to use the product safely, a previous instruction is absolutely necessary. The instruction may only be carried out by a medical supply store trained by AAT or by the AAT sales representatives. Please note that AAT does not offer training courses for end customers. But you can order a instruction through a medical supply store.

Spare parts supply

Spare parts may no longer be available for certain older products. Be aware of this when purchasing and find out in advance if all necessary spare parts are available for the product you are interested in.

Contact to a medical supply store

In case of repair, you should contact an authorized medical supply store. You can find all our partner companies by using our dealer-locator.

Contact to AAT

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

AAT Service Center
Phone: +49(0) 7431 12 95-550
E-Mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Safety and Quality with every AAT product

You can safely purchase second-hand devices which have been reconditioned and regularly maintained via our medical supply store partners or commercial agencies. These products can for example be purchased by your medical supply store through our online shop system.

These devices are well maintained, completely functional and have been carefully checked by AAT. A continuous supply of spare parts is also guaranteed. Often these devices are still within the warranty period - on older devices you receive a warranty of one year.