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A young woman in a wheelchair uses a black wheel hub drive for remaining power and drives along a river with her son on a city scooter.


The power-assisted auxiliary drive
The picture shows a middle-aged man, wearing sunglasses, driving through a pedestrian zone on a summer day in his wheelchair with an auxiliary drive for self-propelled driving. The add-on drive is black and installed in the wheels as a wheel hub drive.


The power-assisted auxiliary drive



The SERVO opens up the possibility for wheelchair users with limited strength to move around independently again and expand their personal radius of action. SERVO's advanced sensor technology detects and converts the impulses that the wheelchair user gives to the push rims.

With the standard hill climbing program and the intelligent braking function, inclines and declines can be negotiated safely. The drive concept of SERVO combines physical strength with active mobility and at the same time relieves joints and muscles.



The picture shows the SERVO drive wheel on a white background. It is a black plain wheel hub drive with silver spokes and a black wheelchair tire.

Innovative locking system

Innovative and space-saving mounting and locking system of the drive wheels without quick-release axles.

Powerful battery pack

Our lithium-ion battery is characterized not only by its impressive range of up to 55 km, but also by its long service life and fast charging time.

Individual driving programs

Designed to offer you maximum flexibility and comfort, SERVO offers a wide range of driving profiles and programs.

The picture shows a middle-aged woman sitting in a white wheelchair with a black wheel hub drive for boosting remaining power on the bank of a river, smiling and feeding ducks.

Easy attachment - effortless transport

Also during transportation in a vehicle, the SERVO demonstrates its advantages to the maximum. The drive wheels can be removed effortlessly without any tools and with just one movement of a hand. Thanks to its low weight, the SERVO is easily loaded into a vehicle without any great effort.

With the SERVO's innovative wheel mounting system, which dispenses with quick-release axles, the drive wheels can also be easily stowed on top of each other. This saves valuable space in the trunk.

Active mobility in new dimensions

Let yourself be impressed by the powerful performance of the SERVO's motors, which are discreetly integrated into the wheels and provide a impressive power boost for the wheelchair user. SERVO's advanced sensor technology detects and interactively interprets your impulses to the handrims in an intelligent way.

Enjoy the quiet driving experience offered by SERVO's gearless drive and experience the freedom of noiseless mobility.

The picture shows a smiling middle-aged woman in a white wheelchair with a black wheelchair drive for residual power amplification, driving smilingly towards the camera. In the background there is a river, green trees and a city.
The picture shows a middle-aged woman sitting in a white wheelchair with a black wheel hub drive for residual strength on the bank of a river, showing something to a child.

With integrated driving profiles

SERVO's predefined driving profiles are designed to cover a wide variety of requirements. In addition, each of these already created driving profiles can be easily adapted to your individual needs. For example, with the integrated "Roll Down Control", the braking deceleration on downhill slopes, can be adjusted to your personal preferences.

For specific medical conditions or special needs, the driving profile "personal" is available. This profile is specially configured for you by your specialist or by AAT. It is possible to switch between the different driving profiles at any time via the control unit.

Performance package for tetraplegics

In order to meet the special needs of tetraplegics, SERVO offers a "Tetra" driving profile. This driving profile combines a number of predefined parameters such as power reduction for deflecting the handrims (sensitivity) or adapted acceleration and braking behavior.

The mountain driving program for tetraplegics is activated by a patented sensor system. The high-performance motors provide special support when driving uphill. This makes it possible to drive uphill quickly and safely - even with little manual force.

To complete the "Tetra package", optional tetra-grip handrims are available. These handrims are equipped with a special coating that provides optimum grip when propelling the wheelchair just by applying pressure with the ball of the hand.

Auf dem Bild ist eine lächelnde Frau mittleren Alters zu sehen, die in einem weißen Rollstuhl mit schwarzem Rollstuhlantrieb zur Restkraftverstärkung lächelnd in Richtung Kamera fährt. Im Hintergrund ist ein Fluss, grüne Bäume und eine Stadt zu sehen.
The picture shows the SERVO drive wheel on a white background. It is a black plain wheel hub drive with silver spokes and a black wheelchair tire.



The right features and reliable functionality are essential factors when searching for the right medical aid. Discover the difference and be inspired by our SERVO wheelchair drive. For more product information, please use the download links below.

153 kg

Max. weight of the person

20 %

Climbing capacity

55 km


How to receive a AAT product

We want to make it as easy as possible for you to receive our high-quality AAT products. For this reason, we have created a detailed guide that accompanies you through every step of the process.

Discover not only interesting information on product demonstration, prescription and reimbursement, but also many other topics related to your medical device. You will find all relevant information you need for a smooth request and delivery within this guide.

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