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The picture shows a middle-aged man sitting in a wheelchair and drinking a coffee with a woman in a café. Both are laughing and he holds his hand up to greet people walking by. There is a MAX-E add-on drive on his wheelchair. The drive is located underneath the backrest of his wheelchair.


The electric drive for your wheelchair
The picture shows a middle-aged man, wearing sunglasses, driving through a pedestrian zone on a summer day in his wheelchair with an auxiliary drive for self-propelled driving. The add-on drive is black and installed in the wheels as a wheel hub drive.


The electric drive for your wheelchair



Discover your key to unrestricted mobility and an enhanced quality of life by using the MAX-E!

We know how important it is to be able to move around independently and autonomously. Therefore, we have developed the MAX-E, our ultimate electric drive for manual wheelchairs.

With the MAX-E, you can increase your mobility to a new level - whether you want to navigate busy streets, conquer slopes or simply enjoy relaxing trips to the park - the MAX-E will accompany you to any destination.

Thanks to our revolutionary "Silent Power Technology", the MAX-E can be moved almost soundless. This ensures a smooth and undisturbed ride.



The picture shows the drive unit of the MAX-E electric add-on drive. The black and silver design of the drive unit can be seen, as well as both drive shafts, which power the wheelchair via toothed rims that are attached to the wheelchair wheels.

Unique one-hand operation

Unrivaled automatic coupling and decoupling of the drive shafts with just one push of a button.

Full power wheelchair

With the handiness of a light and foldable manual wheelchair.

Easy, lightweight & compact

Effortless and quick mounting, easy operation, compact and light to stow or transport.

The image is black and white and shows a detail of the MAX-E wheelchair add-on drive. The focus is on the rotating drive shaft. This drive shaft directly powers the toothed rims inside the wheelchair wheels.

With integrated Silent Power Technology

The MAX-E is powered by two strong electric motors, which are energized by a high-power rechargeable battery. Two pinion gears, which interlock with the toothed rims on the wheelchair wheels, provide a direct power transmission.

We have added some smart adjustments to the MAX-E to reduce the noise of the pinions to a minimum. This means you can enjoy a quiet and pleasant ride without having to sacrifice the efficiency of a direct power transmission - because exactly this direct transmission ensures the transformation of your manual wheelchair into a fully-fledged power wheelchair in a matter of seconds.

Hook in and drive off

Discover the effortless mounting and dismounting of the MAX-E by using just one hand. The simple attachment of the compact drive unit and the handy battery pack onto your wheelchair makes the mounting very easy. Even if you are limited in your mobility, the pneumatic coupling of the add-on drive allows your wheelchair to be ready for use quickly and safely.

Removing the MAX-E is just as easy as its mounting. Simply remove the unit from the wheelchair and it can be easily stored together with your wheelchair - even in smaller vehicles. Thanks to its light weight, transporting the MAX-E is quick and comfortable. This means you can take your wheelchair drive with you wherever you want to go without having to give up your usual mobility.

The picture shows a section of a passenger car trunk. A woman's hand easily lifts the drive unit into the trunk with just one hand.
The image is black and white and shows a detail of the MAX-E wheelchair add-on drive. The focus is on the control unit. On the control unit you can see the ON/OFF button, the horn and the speed setting. The control unit is operated via a joystick. The display provides information about the current charge status.

Combining comfort and usability

With the ergonomic control unit of the MAX-E, controlling your wheelchair has never been easier. All key functions, such as the on/off switch or the speed setting, can be accessed with just one hand.

The driving speed can be easily adjusted via two separate buttons, allowing precise control of your driving speed at all times. For extra safety, the control unit offers a horn. Furthermore, the integrated display always informs you about the capacity of your battery.

Remain flexible

The expandable modular design enables the MAX-E to be constantly adapted to the user's requirements. Thus, there is nothing stopping it from being extended to a perfect pushing and braking aid. Existing parts such as the bracket, the wheels, anti-tilt supports, the charger and even the battery pack, power cable and battery bag can still be used.

Available for wheelchairs with a seat width of only 28 cm, the MAX-E offers the possibility of individual mobility. This unique "growing together" function also makes it possible to cover children's needs and to adapt the usage of the add-on drive to various requirements.

The picture shows a middle-aged man driving his MAX-E add-on drive through the city center. A café and a large fountain can be seen in the background. He is driving on cobblestones of different sizes.
The picture shows the detached drive unit of the MAX-E electric add-on drive. The black and silver design of the motor can be seen, as well as both drive shafts, which power the wheelchair via gear rims attached to the wheels.



The right features and reliable functionality are essential factors when searching for the right medical aid. Discover the difference and be inspired by our MAX-E electric add-on drive. For more product information, please use the download links below.

160 kg

Total permissible weight

20 %

Climbing capacity

16 km


How to receive a AAT product

We want to make it as easy as possible for you to receive our high-quality AAT products. For this reason, we have created a detailed guide that accompanies you through every step of the process.

Discover not only interesting information on product demonstration, prescription and reimbursement, but also many other topics related to your medical device. You will find all relevant information you need for a smooth request and delivery within this guide.

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