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Das Bild zeigt eine junge Frau, mit braunen längeren Haaren, die ein breites Lachen zeigt. Sie sitzt in einem schwarzen Rollstuhl und hat das elektrische Handbike BATEC YBRID 2 vorgespannt. Sie fährt an einem sonnigen Tag durch eine Passage mit Palmen. Ihre Hände bewegen dabei die Kurbel des Handbikes.


Fitness for every day
The picture shows a middle-aged man, wearing sunglasses, driving through a pedestrian zone on a summer day in his wheelchair with an auxiliary drive for self-propelled driving. The add-on drive is black and installed in the wheels as a wheel hub drive.


Fitness for every day



If you enjoy being active, the BATEC HYBRID 2 is the perfect choice for you. This handbike combines the proven technology of the BATEC wheelchair traction devices and the manual BATEC handbikes in one unique product. It is the ultimate counterpart to a conventional e-bike and offers you the perfect mix between fitness and assistance.

You are alöways in full control of how much assistance you want, according to different situations. Enjoy the speed and comfort of the electric power assistance or switch to manual mode to improve your physical fitness. The BATEC HYBRID 2 offers you limitless possibilities.

In addition to its impressive performance, the BATEC HYBRID 2 also convinces with its modern and eye-catching design. It has been developed with highest attention and love for details to offer you not only a first-class driving experience, but also a stylish look.



Mounted in seconds

Easy docking system for attaching to the wheelchair in seconds.

Optimized torque sensor

New torque sensor that recognizes the operator's strength effort immediately.

Unrivaled innovative E-mode

Changing between manual and electric mode without having to switch off the battery.

Das Bild zeigt die junge Frau, wie sie mit dem elektrischen Handbike auf einer Wiese, lachend, einen Hügel hinauffährt. Im Hintergrund sind viele Bäume zu sehen.

Powerful and flexible

The HYBRID 2 offers you impressive power and flexibility. With its brushless motor and a RPM of 250, it offers you powerful assistance, while the battery with either 280 Wh - 36 V (up to 40 km range) or 522 Wh - 36 V (up to 75 km range), provide the ability to drive uphill without having to move the cranks more than a quarter turn.

A salient feature of the HYBRID 2 is the E-mode, which allows seamless switching between assisted and all-electric driving modes. The HYBRID 2 can go up to 6 km/h in E-mode, making it easier to start uphill or on difficult surfaces. In addition, the E-mode will reliably carry you home if your tour was long and exhausting.

With unique mudguard

The special mudguard of the BATEC HYBRID 2 serves as a reliable protection against splash water and dirt, which are often unavoidable during a fast ride. But what makes the mudguard so special? It was specially developed to meet the specific needs of wheelchair users. BATEC engineers have worked carefully on every detail to ensure that it provides optimal protection while being durable and lightweight.

This protective device is unique on the market. So you can enjoy your ride without restrictions and always arrive at your destination dry and clean.

Im Hintergrund des Bildes ist die junge Frau zu sehen, wie sie mit dem Smartphone das Meer fotografiert. Im Vordergrund steht das Rollstuhl-Handbike Hybrid 2, welches sie von ihrem Rollstuhl abgekoppelt hat.
Auf dem Bild ist die junge Frau zu sehen, wie sie einen Hang herunterfährt und dabei die Kurbelarme des Handbikes betätigt. Sie fährt dabei über eine Wiese.

Maximum mobility in all situations

The reduced steering angle of the BATEC HYBRID 2 makes it possible to stroll comfortably and enjoy the surroundings even in confined spaces. Whether on forest paths, green spaces, small alleys or bike paths - the BATEC HYBRID 2 is the perfect companion to be physically active - alone or in company.

In addition, we offer a wide range of optional accessories for every occasion, such as bags, luggage carrying systems, smartphone holders or even a large selection of alternative wheels for your wheelchair.

Real stories, real differences


On the following page, we introduce you to our brand ambassador Thomas Schönborn. Thomas has integrated the BATEC HYBRID 2 into his life since April 2023, and regularly opens the door to his everyday life on his social media channels. He not only provides insights into his personal experiences, but also shares valuable tips and tricks on how to have the most fun with the BATEC HYBRID 2.

Das Bild zeigt das elektrische Handbike BATEC HYBRID 2 als Freisteller auf einem weißen Hintergrund. Zu sehen ist das Handbike selbst, die Kurbelarme, der Akkupack, der grobstollige Reifen sowie der einzigartige Mudguard und die Dockingbar zur Befestigung am Rollstuhl. Das Gerät hat die Farben Schwarz und Grau.



The right features and reliable functionality are essential factors when searching for the right medical aid. Discover the difference and be inspired by our BATEC HYBRID 2. For more product information, please use the download links below.
110 kg


~ 75 km


20 km/h


*The range was calculated under the following conditions: User with a body weight of 75 kg, ultra-lightweight wheelchair, 522 Wh - 36 V battery, flat terrain, no wind and constant speed of 15 km/h. Depending on the battery, the runtime may vary +/- 20%.

How to receive a AAT product

We want to make it as easy as possible for you to receive our high-quality AAT products. For this reason, we have created a detailed guide that accompanies you through every step of the process.

Discover not only interesting information on product demonstration, prescription and reimbursement, but also many other topics related to your medical device. You will find all relevant information you need for a smooth request and delivery within this guide.

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