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The picture shows a middle-aged man, wearing sunglasses, driving through a pedestrian zone on a summer day in his wheelchair with an auxiliary drive for self-propelled driving. The add-on drive is black and installed in the wheels as a wheel hub drive.


The lightweight wheelchair drive
The picture shows a middle-aged man, wearing sunglasses, driving through a pedestrian zone on a summer day in his wheelchair with an auxiliary drive for self-propelled driving. The add-on drive is black and installed in the wheels as a wheel hub drive.


The lightweight wheelchair drive



Discover limitless freedom during long rides and be an active part of family life - the SOLO wheel hub drive provides you with mobility and flexibility. It increases your quality of life.

Thanks to the effortless adaptation concept, the SOLO transforms your conventional manual wheelchair into a lightweight and maneuverable power wheelchair in no time at all.



The picture shows the exposed wheel of the auxiliary drive SOLO on a white background. You can see the black wheel hub drive, with black spokes and a black wheelchair tire.

Innovative locking system

Innovative and space-saving mounting and locking system of the drive wheels without quick-release axles.

Powerful battery pack

Our lithium-ion battery is characterized not only by its impressive range up to 35 km, but also by its long service life and fast charging time.

Can be retrofitted as a pushing and braking aid

The optional Smart Control attendant control transforms your SOLO into a flexible pushing and braking aid in seconds.

The picture shows a man in a wheelchair wearing sunglasses sitting in a cafe on a sunny day. On his wheelchair there is a black auxiliary drive, which is integrated into the wheels of the wheelchair as a wheel hub drive. A control unit with a joystick is used, with which he can operate the wheelchair.

Easy attachment - effortless transport

Also during transportation in a vehicle, the SOLO demonstrates its advantages to the maximum. The drive wheels can be removed effortlessly without any tools and with just one movement of a hand. Thanks to its low weight, the SOLO is easily loaded into a vehicle without any great effort.

With the SOLO's innovative wheel mounting system, which dispenses with quick-release axles, the drive wheels can also be easily stowed on top of each other. This saves valuable space in the trunk.

Combining comfort and usability

With the ergonomic control unit of the SOLO, controlling your wheelchair has never been easier. All key functions, such as the on/off switch or the speed setting, can be accessed with just one hand.

The driving speed can be easily adjusted via two separate buttons, allowing precise control of your driving speed at all times. For extra safety, the control unit offers a horn. Furthermore, the integrated display always informs you about the capacity of your battery.

Das Bild zeigt eine Detailaufnahme des Bediengerätes des Zusatzantriebes für Rollstühle SOLO. Das Bediengerät ist schwarz und verfügt über einen Joystick, eine Minus- und Plustaste zur Geschwindigkeitsregelung sowie eine Hupe und einen Ein- und Ausschalter. Außerdem ist ein Display zu sehen, auf welchem verschiedene Informationen dargestellt werden können.
The picture shows an XXL wheelchair Tauron RSI of the company Dietz with attached add-on drive SOLO+ of the company AAT. The SOLO+ is designed for bariatric patients and fits very well to the black Tauron with its black design.

Powerful and resilient - SOLO+

It is often difficult to provide people with obesity with a suitable power wheelchair and this can severely restrict their mobility. In order to meet these requirements, our well-proven SOLO has been specifically upgraded into the SOLO+. With its powerful motors, the SOLO+ offers a reliable solution for increased weight capacity and improved mobility.

Our goal is to support all people in regaining their mobility and improving their quality of life. This is why the maximum permissible total weight of the SOLO+ is 250 kg (wheelchair with SOLO+ and person).

Retrofittable as pushing and braking aid

Optional accessory Smart Control

With our innovative Smart Control attendant control, your SOLO is transformed into a flexible pushing and braking aid in just a few seconds. This is especially useful if the person using the wheelchair can steer the SOLO independently, but sometimes loses concentration on longer journeys.

In addition, being able to be driven by an attendant provides extra safety when driving on challenging terrain or steeper inclines.

The device is operated in a classic way using two ergonomically shaped handles. Ultra-sensitive sensors integrated into the handles enable intuitive direction changes, ensuring an effortless and enjoyable riding experience.

The picture shows the optional companion control Smart Control, consisting of an operating handle and a pushing handle for the person accompanying the wheelchair user.
Das Bild zeigt das freigestellte Rad des Zusatzantrieb SOLO auf weißem Hintergrund. Zu sehen ist der schwarze Radnabenantrieb, mit schwarzen Speichen und schwarzer Rollstuhlreifen.



The right features and reliable functionality are essential factors when searching for the right medical aid. Discover the difference and be inspired by our SOLO wheelchair drive. For more product information, please use the download links below.

165 kg

Total permissible weight

20 %

Climbing capacity

35 km


How to receive a AAT product

We want to make it as easy as possible for you to receive our high-quality AAT products. For this reason, we have created a detailed guide that accompanies you through every step of the process.

Discover not only interesting information on product demonstration, prescription and reimbursement, but also many other topics related to your medical device. You will find all relevant information you need for a smooth request and delivery within this guide.

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