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Chris Calm

Ambassador since august 2023

  • City:

    Wilster, Germany

  • Hobbys:

    My Kids, dog and sports

  • Model:

    Traction device ELECTRIC 2

I'm a proud owner of a BATEC ELECTRIC 2 since august 2023, which is the biggest relief in my everyday life in addition to my car. Thanks to the traction device, I regained a great deal of independence.

Every morning, I take my kids to school or pick them up afterwards. I also like to drive to the supermarket to do the groceries. Before I had my traction device, trips to the supermarket used to take 1.5 to 2 hours, but now I can simply use my ELECTRIC 2 to get there in a short time. Thanks to the special "safety kit" and the individual TÜV approval, carried out by AAT, I can also use the traction device at speeds of up to 15 km/h on public streets. This is great for my daily activities.

Even bike tours with my family or longer tours with my dog Shorty are no longer a problem. Previously, Shorty had to wait for me, but now he is the one who has to keep up with me. ;-)

One of the features I like the most about my BATEC is the simple docking system. Although I have limited finger function, I can easily connect the traction device to my wheelchair in a matter of seconds. You can see how quickly it works in a video on my Instagram channel.

Chris Calm

About me

Hi, my name is Chris and I'm from Wilster in Germany. When I'm not spending time with my kids and my best four-legged friend Shorty, I like to keep you up to date about my everyday life on social media.

Back in 2014, I had a car accident due to aquaplaning and ended up in a ditch. I fractured my fifth cervical vertebra and became paraplegic. Previously, I used to be a successful athlete in the german parkour team and jumped over benches, railings and walls. I was also a sports teacher and lifeguard. To sum it up: "Sport was my life".

It took me a few years to realize my "new" situation and to get over the period of sadness. But after that I realized that I can still have a good and fulfilling life even with paralysis and using a wheelchair. I love my life and my family, and no matter how hard it is sometimes, the strength of a family can achieve anything.

Meanwhile I'm also working for DIETZ GmbH, in order to give others even more insights into the world on four wheels and to share my experiences.

Inclusion and accessibility is important to me.

I want to show others that wheelchair users are also an important part of our society. My aim is to empower people with similar challenges and to demonstrate the possibilities that exist despite disabilities. There are a few examples in my everyday life, such as joint trips to the swimming pool with my kids, cooking or common household tasks. Doing the laundry? No problem at all, even if my fingers sometimes don't want to do it the way I want them to. I always find a way to manage my tasks.

A few years ago, I also co-founded the "Calmobility" association. There I offer support and advice for people who have recently suffered a spinal cord injury. This includes topics such as therapies and therapists, barrier-free homes and legal assistance. Take a look at our website:

By the way, I'm planning to take part in "Wings for Life" in 2024 and I'd be happy to inspire one or two people to overcome their limits too.

See you then!