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Ulrich Süß

Brand ambassador since August 2023

  • City:

    Bammental, Germany

  • Profession:

    Industrial clerk

  • Voluntary job:

    Coach of the Rolling Chocolate Rookies, SRH Team

  • Information:

    Paraplegic since 1976 due to an accident

  • Hobbys:

    Rollstuhlbasketball, Fußball, Konzerte, Reisen

  • Model:

    Traction device MINI 2

The MINI 2 can be used even on uneven paths without any problems

For as long as I can remember, mobility has always been very important to me. I used to travel a lot in my wheelchair as a teenager. At that time, there were only a few handbikes or traction devices available, so I had to cover every distance manually in my wheelchair. Of course, at some point you gain more mobility by car, but it is also important to be able to move around your neighborhood without needing a car. Especially loading and unloading the wheelchair from the car becomes more and more difficult over time. Shoulder problems are often inevitable for wheelchair users.

This is why my MINI 2 traction device is absolutely indispensable for me. I can visit friends, go shopping, visit the pharmacy, doctor, hairdresser, etc. or take the suburban train to the soccer arena. I can be mobile on vacations and explore my surroundings and new cities. These are all things I can now do without using a car. The BATEC is quickly attached to my wheelchair and ready to go!

Ulrich Süß

About me

Greatest successes/awards:

Wheelchair basketball youth national player:

Junior European Championship, gold medal

National men's wheelchair basketball player

Greatest success: European Championship, bronze medal

Authorized signatory in a small company (2005-2007)

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